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few in number yet fables say almost impossible to kill.

Our glorious leaders dismiss them as nothing but myths from the great war. Yet some say they have seen them in the wastelands outside the safety of our walled sanctury the masters built to protect us.

The year is 2089 and life is good, but hard. While I am intrigued to go beyond the walls and see one of these creatures for myself, the leaders insist that it is unsafe, that we will die without the medical treatment they provide. Screw it, will you come with me?

1 Game 4 NFT Collections

There will be four types of playable characters within the Ninja KITTI world, you can upgrade your characters by training, fighting and scavaging. When you are strong enough you'll be able to lead your klan into tournaments and win real Ethereum!




Mutt Club




Street Punks

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THE NFT game & project.

Presale begins on the 10th November : Main Sale starts on the 15th November
To get onto the whitelist you must join the discord group and invite 6 others to the group prior to the start of presale.
The presale list will be created just a few hours before the launch.

Cheaper price as well as potentially cheaper gas fees.
The standard price for a Ninja KITTI is 0.07 ETH, whitelisted members will be able to mint them for just 0.05 ETH!
There is 5 days of presale before main sale begins, so plenty of time to find a period of cheap gas and mint your Ninja KITTI.

Only 2 per wallet in presale and upto 5 during main sale.

Initially the NFTs are going to be ERC721 tokens running on the Ethereum blockchain.
The game shall also be made for Ethereum including the tournaments.
However to make the game more accessable for people wishing to enter tournaments with lower amounts we shall allow the possibility to switch to Polkabot blockchain via Enjins Efinity network just as soon as the technology allows.

Yes, there will be both FREE and PAY to play tournaments which will be controlled via smart contracts with 100% of deposited funds going out to the winners.

We are actually building two games!

The first will be a simple web-based game that you can log into via MetaMask, this will allow Ninja KITTI owners to start playing and leveling up their NFTs as soon as possible.

However we really want to build a more mainstream Unity based game which will be more story focused similar to The Long Dark.
That game will be based on the story in the Ninja KITTI novel which will be getting published the first half of 2022. The game will likely take over a year to develop which is why we are building the quick yet enjoyable web-based game first.

Yes, on release of the novel there will be a special page made up allowing you to log in with your MetaMask wallet and simply cover the cost, the book will be FREE!

No but... KITTI NFT holders will get a substantial discount on the mint price of the Renegades and the Street Punks, between 50-70% depending on if you managed to get whitelisted.

The 12 Mutt Club characters are not only essential to the Ninja KITTI story but also to the Moocharoo Crypto Ninja decentralised trading bot.
There is only 6,000 available and many of those will be held by traders for use on the bot ecosystem. There will be no discount available of those.


There are many others but these are the people in key roles within the project.

Ben Gillott

CEO & Founder

Crystal Jinx

Game Design

Ashita AAA

Ninja KITTI Artwork